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We as society are something which needs to work on a whole lot of things. In this day and age with the advent of Technology, we are so deep into the growth of our very own life rather than the people around us and the overall community.

Our Campaign

We have been privileged to work with new campaigns and really hard working youth volunteers.

Green Planet

The future of our planet is in jeopardy with a lot of pollution. To tackle that we first need to start with society and plant trees which would help make this planet sustain longer.

Green Energy

Sustainable energy is not the ones which we get when pollution and various other things are exhumed. Only when plant and hydro energy is promoted by our youth will our standards increase.


We as a society have very little knowledge about Recycling and we feel it is our utmost duty to make sure to implement its importance for the future generations to come.

Guarding the sea

The movement which happens in the sea directly affects the day to day life of people and their habitat. This is majorly caused by the garbage around the sea and ocean.

Kid Education

As youths we know the importance of having good education but unfortunately there are a lot of kids whose Education is hindered because of a lot of factors. We tend to break that chain and help the kids get their deserved education.

Free River

The garbage that occupies the beach eventually goes into the ocean and into the rivers. This directly affects the ecosystem and just makes things hard for life under the ocean. Our campaign focuses on sorting this out through our youth.

Climate Crisis

Climate change is real and we as human beings are the major reason for it. It is important for us to know the importance of trees and understand how useful it will be when it provides the useful changes it brings to the environment.

Clean Beach

One of the biggest pluses we have in society is our amazing beaches but what we have done is just pollute them and spoil such a national monument. Clean beaches are something which we want to promote from the youth as well.

Your step to make a change.

Your donation just helps us take a better step as a society. This is a contribution which you can make for the betterment of our future.

“Youth should not accept any compromise or lower their sights. A society that makes its youth crawl in conformity and enforces dogmos on their aspirations can never flourish“. 

Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam