Naalaya India

About us

The story behind our movement

Our founder Mr. Suresh Babu an Architect and Businessman was a close confidant of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. An avid follower of the words of Dr.Kalam, Mr. Suresh Babu has been involved with some meticulous activities which has helped the society in a better way.

But Naalaya India was something personal to him since it was Dr.Kalam’s dream to see the youths stepping up to help the society and make it a better place to live.

Through his tremendous drive and dedication he has been fulfilling the words of Dr.Kalam and keeping up his promise by making Naalaya India get involved with tons of great youthful activities.

“I have met 18 million Youth and each wants to be Unique“ 

Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam

We take action.
To make better changes

Our goal is to make sure that these changes are something which is not a one time thing and is kept on passed for generations. Just like Dr. Kalam’s words.


Some of our volunteering works which have been done for the welfare of the society.


Volunteering is a very integral aspect in this organization because we are involved with activities day in and day out. We have been privileged to work with some of the most amazing and hard working youths in the society.