Naalaya India

Joining hands to strive for greatness in the society.

The dawn of Naalaya India came from the voice of our very own, Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam. A person who truly believed that tomorrow belonged to the youth and someone who stood by the words that he said. Our inspiration came about from that.


Our commitment to make sure that the youth are a part of the improvement within the society is second to none


Coming up with an idea is the easiest part. But making the Youth engage with the society is what we strive to do


Heeded by the words of Dr. Kalam, our intent to improve the landscape of the society is what we are moving towards.

youth and integrity

Integrity and Ethical

About Us

What we want to change

We as society are something which needs to work on a whole lot of things. In this day and age with the advent of Technology, we are so deep into the growth of our very own life rather than the people around us and the overall community.

Naalaya India is a step to change that mindset. There is always a sense of national pride that every single person around the world has. But for that common person to reach out to the government and make a change in the society, there has always been a gaping hole in there. We would want to fill the bridge and make sure that even the small contributions made will make a difference.

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We make sure that the work being done is transparent for you to see

We are heeded by the words of our legendary Dr. Kalam, everything we do is a step towards achieving his dream.


Every donation you make is the step we take

The step towards Dr. Kalam’s dream is not possible only by us. We need your help as youth and members of the society to make sure that this dream can become a reality and we as a society can become a much better place.

Our Commitment

What we do requires a give and take

All these initiatives which are starting to come up can only strive and can be pushed forward when there is a ton of give and take between the organization and its audience. Without that nothing would be possible.

Our Youth are
Our Youth are
Open positions

But to get all these beautiful things they have and incorporate them with our society is where the challenge lies and we are here to prove that this is some challenge which is worth taking.

For Good Cause

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